The post by the Sina Weibo blogger claimed that one of Zha

i’s papers published in an academic journal, was uploaded to CNKI and the similarity score for the 2,783-word article was 40.4 percent. Another post by the same blogger claimed that Zhai’s doctoral graduation dissertation could not be found in the CNKI database, while all the graduation dissertations written by his classmates could be found there. The posts stirred a heated […]

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Making dumplings for Spring Festivalthout a steaming pl

No Spring Festival feast in China, especially in the north, is complete without a steamin g plate of homemade dumplings, little pockets of juicy flavour packed with a range of ingredients inc luding pork, chives, tofu, carrot, mutton, cabbage and just about anything else you can think of. Chinese Lunar New Year, otherwise known as Spring Festival, falls on the […]

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Changchun downtown apartment building explo

  # changchun wanda # 15 January 25, 2019, when 20, changchun fire detachment criminal, wanda plaza is loca ted in changchun city hongqi street apartment block 30 explosion.   Photo source: CCTV news to the client   Immediately after the accident, provincial and municipal leaders put forw ard clear requirements for on-site rescue disposal work.Changchun fire de tachment, 120 emergency, gas and […]

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Southwest Tibet local again by heavy snowfall or exce

China weather webex today (25) Tibet southwest and suffered a second wave of heavy snowfall weather this week.So far, This week in southwest Tibet snow, 21 solstice 23, southern Tibet ali district and xig aze there is heavy snow.As of 25, 08, xigaze nyalam county accumulated snow 39 mm, snow depth of 39 cm. 24, nie wooden snow Nie wood […]

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days travel today open, Beijing station all channels

  During the Spring Festival, Beijing bureau of China railway group company is expected to send 34.7 million passengers, Beijing area is expected to 15.5 milli on passengers.Spring Festival this year Beijing railway bureau will be 167 new buffet the s ystem check brake machine, self-help real-name check channel 3 07 channels, increased to 40 station in 45 brush the bullet […]

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Xinhua Viewpoint Publishes 10 Illegal and Harmful APPs

Yesterday, Xinhua Viewpoint micro-released 10 illegal and harmful mobile applications released by the National Computer Virus Application Processing Center. These applications mainly involve malicious deduction, privacy theft, malicious dissemination, deception, fraud and hooliganism. Xinhua’s announcement of these applications is also a reminder to mobile phone users: don’t download applications casually, many unidentified applications will bring us great security threats. Now […]

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Many female employees in Shandong crawlon their knees

On January 14, several female employees crawled on their knees on the streets of Tengzhou, Zaozhuang, Shandong Province. A man raised his flag to lead the way. It is un derstood that participants for a trusteeship company employees, because they did not complete the year-end performance tas k and crawl on their knees. Subsequently, the police stopped the crawling, criticized […]

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A mentally ill man who escaped supervision in Yongzhou

On January 14, a psychiatric patient escaped from a psychiatric hospital in Yongzhou City, Hu nan Province. Police said he suffered from schizophrenia and had a serious tendency to violence. At about 1 noon on January 15, the psychiatric patient was prosecuted and sent back to Yongzhou Psychiatric Hospital for compulsory medical treatment. On January 15, according to the Propaganda […]

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On the wedding day, the groom sneaks into the

Peninsula Morning Post official news in Linhai City, Taizhou, Yanjiang Town, according to custom, wedding home to set up a banquet for three days. January 10 is the last day of Mr. Li’s wedding banquet. When the dinner was over, after inviting friends and relatives to have a cup of tea, the new couple counted the wedding gifts, but there […]

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Tianjin Quanjian United Arab Emirates Winter Training, the

As we all know, affected by the group incident, Tianjin Quanjian Football Club has been trusted to Tianjin Football Association and renamed Tianjin Tianhai Club. At present, the transfer formalities of industry and Commerce have been completed. In the new season, the club will take the new name of Tianjin Tianhai Zhengchao. However, at present, the team emblem still retains […]

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